Forum Event



1. Simply Decorate your Vault According to the Theme. You can Use anything you see in game like jewels, pots, anything on NPC that will make your Vault Awesome.
2. Submit your Screen Shot in this post.
3. Make Sure your screenshots is on original size from ReRe4FunMu Folder. You can Upload it on or other file hosting sites.
4. You Are Not Allowed to Change Your Entry once you submitted in this thread.
5. Only 1 Entry per Forum Account. Multiple Forum Account Will automatically Disqualified
6. Mods and GM and higher Staffs are not allowed to Join the Event. They are the one who will vote for the weekly winners.
7. If there is only 1 entry it will be automatically winner by default but will only get 1000 credits

Format for posting ENTRY:

IGN: (Ingame Character Name for Prize Purposes)
SS: (ss of decorated Vault)


1st Place: 4000 Credits 
2nd Place: 2500 Credits 
3rd Place: 2000 Credits 

Posted 23 / 08 / 2017

Happy Week NEWS 23.08


a)SubServer NoN PvP NEW

b)All Goldens Reward: ReReCoins

c)Battle Maps Changed


Happy Week Event is still

1. Every New account created will have VIP for 1 week for free! Just register!

2. Permanen Wings lvl 5 in Market Map!

3. Winner of Monthly Top Voters reward: Permanent Wings lvl 5 

4. New Ranks on Forum!


Posted 22 / 08 / 2017

31.07 UPDATE

1. WINGS LVL 5 (CashShop)
2. Box of Lottery (CashShop) & Land of Trial
3. New Commands! /store wcoins, rerecoins, soul, bless, chaos & look  -  Just on Market Map
4. New Potions - Elite & Large SD (CashShop)
5. New Maps : Loren Market, Barracks & Reffuge  
6. New Rank : CREATOR (35000 Max Status) 
7. Castle Siege Registration - Only with Sings of Lord! 
8. Castle Siege Winner - Trophy of Siege & Medal of Honor 

Available from 31.07.2017

Posted 29 / 07 / 2017

Currently this is only one server.