Server Rules

PVP Rules.

Bad words
+ vulgar language, swearing and obscene signs can be claimed by other people.
+ swearing shall be punished.
+ need to see the whole discussion in the screenshots with full screen chat window to see that he was not challenged.
+ Language is penalized as follows:
# Between 1~15 days, depends of how serious are the insults.
# Character will be blocked only when and if the GM deems it necessary.

# Using any type hack applications, replicated packets (one-hit kill, 5x hits, etc.) is strictly prohibited.
# Those who are caught using such program risking sanctions following: Account Deleted! IP banned indefinitely!
# With or without the help of (other hack / cheat) exploiting a bug is illegal and punishable by account and IP filter blocking any!
# To Dupe famous SHADOW BUG and filter IPs where the account was logged.
# Any change in customer use of software, etc add-ons that bring benefits to the rest of unfair player, is considered cheating and will be treated as such!

# Advertise / advertising a MU server (not only) in the game leads to instant address filtering / IP class.

* Inappropriate behavior from moderators will be punished according to the seriousness of the situation.
* The use of nicknames like those of the moderators or Game Masters = BAN indefinitely.
* People posing as moderators / Game Masters, "knowledge", relatives of those who are part of the guild Admins = 20 days suspended. .
* WARNING! A GM does not require information about your account, no items and no favors.
* indirect insults to the Game Master / moderators / admin / Server will be penalized as follows:
# First offense: minimum 10 days suspended.
# Second offense: minimum 25 days suspended.
# Third offense: Account deleted.
++Insults directly to the GM / moderators / admin / Server result to delete your account.

+ Scam, lying and tricking a player or more in trade will lead to blocking your account.
+ Do not accept excuses, I dropped net of light and I could not enter. It is your duty to look on that.
+ Be careful with who and when you trade. Need to take pictures for each item separately and trade-related discussion
Currently this is only one server.