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ReRe4Fun 750 Exp - Grand Opening!

Our team works a lot for provide for players the best and unique featurings ever!

ReRe4Fun is glad to offer for his players an hard rate Season 6 Episode 3 server with 750x experience, drop 60% and no webshop. DataBase start on 30 september 2018 18:00.

Here is a list with details about our MuOnline Server. For more you can check Events & Guides.

for us and get some ReReCoins reward to help you at Grand Opening!

By the way: Old DataBase has been waiped (left just accounts, characters and guilds)


Server Name  ReRe4Fun High XP Season 6 Episode 3
Server Experience    -  750 Exp
Server Drop  -  60%
Maxim Status    -  32767
Maxim Level    -  400
Maxim Master Level    -  300
Points per Level    -  5/6/7
Reward Reset    -  5 ReReCoins
Grand Reset System    -  75 Resets
Grand Reset Reward    -  7500 ReReCoins
Grand Reset Stats    -  5000 Points
Vote System   -  Yes
Referral System    -  Yes
CashShop System    -  Yes 
Market System   -  Yes
Custom Store  -  Yes
OffStore System  -  Yes
Custom Attack  -  Yes
OffAttack  -  Yes
Quest Item in Shop   -  No (Yes for Gold Members)
Party Experience Increase   -  Yes
Guild Create Level  -  250
Guild Aliance Limit  -  5
Guild Member Limit  -  40/40
Custom Jewels  -  Yes
Custom Events  -  Yes
Jewel of Bless Bug  -  No
Create DL/MG  -  Level 220
Create SUMM/RF  -  Level 220 (Buy Characters Cards)
Chaos Mix Rate +10/+11  -  75%
Chaos Mix Rate +12/+13   -  70%
Chaos Mix Rate +14/+15  -  65%
Chaos Mix 1st Wings  -  100% (Maximum)
Chaos Mix 2nd Wings  -  90% (Maximum)
Chaos Mix Feather of Condor  -  60% (Maximum)
Chaos Mix 3rd Wings  -  40% (Maximum)
Chaos Mix 4th Wings  -  30% (Allow Talisman of Luck)
Chaos Mix Soul of the Devil -  20% (Allow Talisman of Luck)
Chaos Mix 5th Wings  -  20% (Allow Talisman of Luck)

Don`t forget about our Tournament (Season 1), there`s Hall of Fame with Ranks, all you need to do is play MuOnline and make any event you can to go on top of Hall of Fame, get a Rank as huge you can and wait the end of the Tournament to be rewarded as you are ranked. To make it more interesting, read always the news and if you are on top 64 after first month of the Season, you are automatically registered in the Tournament, this means `cause in the next two months you will be challenged to Duel, if you win the Duel, also earn score in Hall of Fame and go to the next round. 


We wish you Good Luck and see you in the game! Play fair and fair play! 

Posted 18 / 09 / 2018

Currently this is only one server.