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[News] Improvements

1. New ancient set items (soon on Guides)

2. Huge Party Exp

3. Chaos Mix : 90%

4. Drop Items Fixed

5. Dark Lord Firescream back to normal. (coldown 0s)


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[News] Grand Opening | Season 3 Official

Exp: 500x
Drop: 50%
Max Level: 400
Reset Level: 400
Grand Reset: 100 Resets
Grand Reset Reward: 10 000 Credits
Referral System: On
Vote System: On
Market System: On
WebShop System: On
Chaos Goblin Mix Rate: Normal
Box of Kundun: In Shop
GameGuard System: On
Point per Level: 5/6/7
Balanced PvP System: On
Ancient + Excellent System: On (Ubber)
Add Status Commands: On
Global Chat: On 

AutoClicker Commands: 
•F8: Off• 
•F9: Clicker Config•
•F12: Hide Client/Show Client•

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