Castle Siege Owners
Every Sunday at 19:00 (Website Time)

Mobius Mu Online Season 13 | 시즌13-2차 - MU Online


What is new on the new version?

1, New Commands : /sell /buy /pvp

2. Players HP/SD Bar and Monster HP/Level Monster Bar

3. Burning effects to any Set +13 or higher

4. Gens Quests

5. Top All Events (View Ranking) - Collect EScore points making events

6. Castle Siege Rewards for winners (New NPC in the Castle)

7. AntiHack Updated

8. Custom Store Buttons

9. OffStore give Reward for "online" (2 ReReCoins for Member/5 ReReCoins for Gold Member)

10. Fog, Minimap, New Camera 3D

11. F12 Hide Window

12. Resolutions.exe in Client folder for any kind of resolution.

Posted 09 / 03 / 2018 By ReRe

Currently this is only one server.